Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cambuskenneth Abbey

K.I.S.S.--Keepin' it Short and Simple. Enjoy the new photos.

Welcome to Cambuskenneth, may I show you to your room please?
After a long day, I like to soak up the last rays of sun and enjoy a bit of hay.

Cambuskenneth Abbey
The campanile--only structure remaining at the ruins of this Augustinian monastery. 

Resting place of James III and Margaret of Denmark
Built circa 1140 under the orders of David I of Scotland

View of the Wallace Monument from the banks of the River Forth.

Looking towards Stirling Castle from River Forth.

Old Logie Kirk Grave Marker from 1691
Monumental Cross on the grounds of the Old Kirk
Celtic Cross at the Kirk
The Wallace from the Witch's Craig 

Stirling from the Witch's Craig

From the top of Dumyat

Song of the Week
Lay My Crown
Coal Country


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