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Inchmahome Priory 17 August 2011

Wednesday, we took a wee drive to the Lake of Menteith, the only lake in Scotland, and ferried over to the island of Inchmahome.  Lakes are called 'lochs' in Scotland. This island is home to a 13th century Augustinian, order of the Black Cannons, priory.  It is most famous for being the refuge of Queen Mary in 1547. Additionally, the priory was visited by Robert the Bruce a few times in the early 14th century. The site is mostly in ruins, but a chapter room is still intact with a closed ceiling, which houses some relics of the priory.  The island also features a walking path around the island with fascinating terrain and views of the lake.  It is only accessible by ferry and is an idyllic setting for some classic photographs and a bit of peace and quiet.  The lake is also home to a local fishery. Fishermen can take small boats out and try their luck at reeling in some trout. Enjoy the photos.

This is where we were, about 15 miles Northwest of Stirling.
Old Ferry
Inchmahome pier
Lake of Menteith from the pier
Our ferry to Inchmahome
Wee ferries docked on the island
Eastern wall of the Inchmahome Priory
Tower of the Inchmahome Priory
Entrance to the Inchmahome Priory
Coat of arms of caretakers
Awesome tree on Inchmahome
Window in the nave.
The nave of the priory
Front of Inchmahome Priory
Bridget and me on top of the fireplace, where the monks would sleep.
Wait...what are we supposed to say?
Long view of the nave (Inchmahome Priory)
Stoneworks in the Chapter room
More stone work
Chapter Room
Inchmahome Priory with Chapter room and nave
Lake of Menteith from Inchmahome
Wide shot of Inchmahome Priory
We stopped and snapped some photos of the Highland Coo.
Yep...I jumped the fence to get my photo made...did someone say tourist?

Thank you, Beth, for driving us around and, Bridget, for picking such a great place.

Check back soon for new adventures from Callander and Bracklinn Falls.



Song of the Week (thanks to Jenny)
'Book of Golden Stories'

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