Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A few more firsts

In keeping with last week's theme, I figured it would be appropriate to share with you a few more firsts for Andrew. This is in no way comprehensive, and I am sure over the next few months I will have many more "firsts".  Here are just a few: first full week in Scotland, first day of class, first day of true Scottish weather, first ride in a UK car, first trip to historic site and first awesome picture of me in Europe.  There, that covers most of the big events that have happened.  Oh, there is one I forgot, first time I have eaten horse sausage.  Yes, you read that last sentence correctly-horse sausage-as in horse meat, Hi-yo Silver, Traveller, Seabiscuit.  Now before you say anything, I must say that it was actually quite tasty. And no, it is not a Scottish food. One of my flat-mates, from Kazakhstan, brought the delicious stallion from his home.  I was more worried about meat that had traveled 1/3 of the way across the globe in a grocery bag, but no worries, I didn't get sick.  Kazantzakis eat horse as a traditional, ceremonial food--like we enjoy turkey during the holidays.  So, if you are looking to spice up that Thanksgiving meal try horse meat.  It's not nearly as difficult to carve and you may surprise a few people with your out of the box, or should I say out of the gate thinking.
    I also went to the Wallace Monument, which stands on top of Abbey Craig overlooking central Scotland.  It is one of the most popular historical destinations in Scotland, and provides some of the best views in the whole country.  The monument was built in honor of William Wallace, one of Scotland's national heroes. Legend has it that Wallace commanded his troops from the top of Abbey Craig during the battle of Stirling Bridge.  Although the Scottish army was outnumbered nearly 5 to 1, Wallace somehow managed to lure the English across the bridge, where his army slaughtered the English knights.  This sparked the First War of Scottish Independence that would last for another 30 years.  The monument marks these accomplishments and honors the accomplishments of other famous Scots. I made a short video of my visit, which you will find at the end of the post.
I also found out that my window leaks when it rains-unfortunatly Scotland is not known for their dry seasons.

Thought of the Week
Life is like ice skating, it's a lot easier once you realize that falling is just part of it, and all the more fun when you have someone to help pick you up.

I want to do this one day.
City of Stirling
Ochil Hills
It was a bit windy!
I look good.
From the base.
Another view from the top.
Song of the Week
Growing Pains by Deas Vail


  1. Looks like that flip video camera came in handy! Glad you had a good time at the monument!

  2. I think it's rather ironic that I was just researching a group called New Vocations when I read your should check them out...and maybe one day I'll forgive you for eating my favorite animal.