Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Room with a View

Before I start rambling on about myself and all of the things happening in Scotland, I want to say thanks to everyone who has carved a little time out of their daily schedule to catch up with me through this blog.  Of course, there is no way for me to fully express how great of an opportunity I have been given.  I just hope my stories and thoughts about the people I meet and places I go puts a smile on your face and encourages you to try new things.

So the past week has been very busy, classes have started and due dates are quickly approaching, most of my days are spent scouring through books and journals trying to find those hidden gems of knowledge.   I have found that studying in the library is much more beneficial because I can access materials much faster and easier than sitting at home.  I have it down to a science when it comes to checking out and returning books.  I try to return the same number of books that I am checking out.  It may not sound very complicated, but I have checked out over 20 books in the last two weeks, so it is wise to figure out some kind of system to keep up with the books.  I will probably be teaching seminars by the end of the term on how to search for books.  Wow, I cannot believe I just talked that much about the library.  Of course when I am not in the library, I am in lectures or group meetings-trying to figure out how to setup surveys for research or discussing theories and questions relating to the media industry.  I can assure you, I will not talk anymore about that in this post.  

Now for the fun stuff, this week I decided to show you around my flat.  I created a short video and took a picture from my front door so that you can see what I look at in the mornings when I head off to class.  

Well that wraps up this week's post.  Tune in next week for more updates from AndrewInScotland.

Thought of the Week
We are told that wealth and riches are things that can be measured through our material possessions, that value is something that can be attached to an item.  We are made to believe that happiness is found where the sum of our material abundance equals more than the immaterial problems of our daily lives.  The wealth of this world will pass away.  The value of things will change.  However, if we identify our value and wealth through our relationship with God, who is bigger than all of the riches of this world, we will find something that is invaluable.  We will find a love that never fails, a Savior that will never leave us and friend who is always beside us.            

 From the front door, Stirling Castle.

Song of the Week


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