Thursday, 21 October 2010

Food, Inverness and a bit of Procrastination.

     With a fortnight having passed since our last encounter, I hope I still have a few loyal readers out there sitting on edge, waiting for that next tale of heroic fortitude.  A story of bravery and brotherhood, mystery and love; an adventure so perilous only the shear power of the human spirit kept me alive. Unfortunately, that story will have to be included in another post as it has yet to actually transpire. This week I will just stick to an update.
    Well the best place to kick this thing off would be the room-mate dinner.  As you may already be aware, I share an old house with ten other postgraduate students. Since we are mostly from different nations, we decided to have a meal where we could share local cuisine with one another.  There was curry from India, Malaysian chicken, German meatballs, Chinese dumplings, Japanese tempura, Greek meatballs, lamb and potatoes, and so many other delicious dishes. I know you are all wondering what I contributed to the global culinary table, and  I think grandma would be proud when I say I brought a taste of the south into our house with my Southern style fried chicken.  But most important was the familial bond that we created.  Being able to bring a piece of home for others to share goes beyond the taste of the dish, it allows people to connect across language and cultural barriers.
    The next evening I was invited to dinner hosted by a few of my classmates from China.  I am not sure if what they served was traditional Chinese food, but it was Chinese food and very good.  I do not even know the names of the different dishes.  But all I can say is that they were spicy, very spicy.  There was chicken, shrimp, beef, vegetables and a few others.  I was definitely spoiled by the end of the weekend.
       This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Inverness.  I had a short stay in the city, but it was well worth the trip.  The drive up was fantastic; I saw lots of sheep and pheasants.  Plus, the hills and mountains in Cairngorms National Park were spectacular.  And the weirdest thing, I meet someone from Wilmington., NC. It amazes me how you can travel to various places around the world and still manage to meet people with some geographical tie or familial bond.  As Walt Disney would say, "It is a small world after all".
     Well, I would like to say more, but I really am out of words at the moment.  Please be sure to check out the older posts if you have not seen them yet.  I have a nice trip planned for next week so be sure to come back and see the videos and pictures.  And sorry again for such a delay in my post.  I am determined that one day I will stop procrastinating.  Enjoy the photos.


Flatmate Dinner

Classmate Dinner

The A9





More of the A9

Rocky Hillside

Green Hillside


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  1. Hey buddy. You better represent the South over yonder wif yo fried chikn'! Thanks for letting me know you were keeping a blog. It looks like things are going well in Stirling; what a beautiful city. I hope classes are going well and I look forward to your future posts and videos.